NephoScale Technical Documentation

Release Notes


Type Description
Feature There are two new IP address management features in the customer portal and API. An IP address can be marked as reserved (e.g. VIP) and taken out of the pool of unassigned IP addresses. Likewise an IP address can be allocated to a server (e.g. multiple IPs on a single server) and taken out of the pool of unassigned IP addresses. To utilize the feature in the customer portal go to the Network | IP Addresses tab ( ) and select the CIDR you want to work with.


Type Description
Feature There is a new mobile only interface for the NephoScale customer portal. When you go to on your mobile device you will get a dialog asking if you would like to continue to the mobile version and if you answer 'Yes' then your will be redirected to the site. Please note that the mobile interface only supports Cloudlet functionality at this time, including the operations to Create, Restart, and Delete cloud servers.


Type Description
Feature Now a range of VLANs can be allocated to the private network for Dedicated Servers residing within the same Private Rack for private cloud solutions such as VMware.
Feature There is a new DS-COLO server type for bringing your own server device to co-locate in the NephoScale cloud.
Feature When provisioning a DS-COLO server device you can choose the 'No Image' option and the NephoScale provisioning system will not load a machine image onto the disk.
Bug The invoice line item in a server contract was not showing the service type. This is fixed.


Type Description
Feature 3292 Now instances of services can be referenced using the instance name in the URI for GET, DELETE, and select POST methods when making HTTP calls to the REST API.


Type Description
Bug 3287 When making API calls to to provision dedicated servers the new service types for the SSD Tier were not being recognized system. This is resolved.
Bug 3279 In the portal when viewing an invoice prorated line items were missing the note about how the line item had been prorated. This is fixed.
Bug 3277 Automated migration of SDN routers was failing if there were no service instances in the account resulting in a false positive alert. This has been resolved.


Type Description
Feature 3256 You can now use the resource name you supplied when creating the server to address it when using the GET method once the server is available. The resource name is guaranteed to be unique for the service type. For example, you can only have one Cloudlet named 'mytestserver' in your account, e.g. curl -u xx:xx You can use either the integer ID or the string resource name with the GET method.
Feature 3246 In the customer portal invoices related to memberships or prepayments will include the service type for which the contract will apply, e.g. CS4.4.
Bug 3255 There was a regression bug with provisioning a BareMetal dedicated server using the API. This is fixed.


Type Description
Bug 3247 The field ipaddresses was not being returned from the API call to . This is fixed.


Type Description
Feature 3230 Pricing for Network Transfer Outbound to the Internet has been lowered to {body}.02/GB for all services. Pricing for ObjectStor Slice data storage size has been lowered to {body}.04/GB of data stored.
Feature 3225 To simplify the Server | New forms several advanced sections including Access (Keys), Networking, and Orchestration (Recipes) are minimized by default. In the case where you do not have any available IP addresses the Networking section is expanded by default so that you can see what options are available to you and if you need to order more IP addresses.
Bug 3266 In the portal when creating a new server the performance tier drop-down was displaying multiple options for Richmond - East Coast U.S. (RIC-1). Only the 1 Gbps Network / SATA Storage performance tier is available in Richmond at this time.


Type Description
Feature 3196 Now the Data Center | Zones interface in the portal will display which performance tiers are available in which geographic zones. NephoScale is launching a new 10 Gbps Network / SSD Storage performance tier in the San Jose - West Coast U.S. (SJC-1) zone.
Feature 3195 Now the Zone name will display in an easier to read format in the portal. NephoScale currently has two zones: San Jose - West Coast U.S. (SJC-1) and Richmond - East Coast U.S. (RIC-1).
Feature 3181 In the portal the Cloud Server | New and Dedicated Server | New interfaces have been redesigned in anticipation of the new performance tiers. Because performance tiers are dependent on the data center zones that they reside in, you need to select a Zone as your first action when provisioning a Cloudlet or BareMetal server. In addition, we minimize by default the more advanced settings because these are not commonly changed for the simple use case of deploying servers from the portal.
Bug 3189 When launching a Cloudlet server console in the customer portal the error message 'Unable to connect' was being displayed for the case where console access has been turned off. NephoScale allows customers to disable the console feature on a per Cloudlet basis. If the console is disabled now the portal will display the appropriate message.


Type Description
Feature 3168 Now when you create an ObjectStor Slice in the portal, we automatically create your Key and associate it to the Slice so that you can get the authentication credentials for accessing the slice with OpenStack Swift or S3 clients.
Bug 3170 In the portal, when browsing a URL for an ObjectStor Container that had been removed, there was not a graceful error message. Now the GUI will redirect you to slice if the container you are looking for is missing.
Bug 3166 When creating a new ObjectStor Slice in the portal, it was displaying showing after create operation. Now it will display once it has been created.
Bug 3165 When clicking on Refresh button in the ObjectStor, the portal would not navigate to your last position in the tree display. This is fixed.


Type Description
Feature 3156 There is now a Read-Only user group that can be assigned to users and it will only allow users to read resources in the account. Users in this group will not be able to create, update, or delete.
Bug 3134 There was an incorrect status message in the GUI when a slice was created. This is fixed.


Type Description
Feature 3112 When activating a new zone in the Server Add form the Activate Additional Zone inline form will autohide after the zone is activated and you can proceed with completing the Server Add request in the new zone.
Feature 3105 Thank you for all the great feedback on our Marketplace! We have renamed and moved this feature to the Orchestration | Blueprints tab. Now when you launch a Blueprint, the tab name has an informative description, and we automatically expand the Jobs side-dock so that you can see the progress of your template as it runs. Infrastructure has never been easier than with our 1-Click installs.
Bug 3121 In the customer portal, when a Cloudlet had been shutdown from the guest and the status was in the Off position, the Restart button in the list view was disabled. This is fixed.
Bug 3101 When attempting to connect to your server console in the customer portal, if the server was in the Off position, then the error message gave a generic unable to connect message. Now this message is more informative and says it cannot connect because the server is Off.


Type Description
Bug 3083 The call for Activate Additional Zones on Server | New was running in the background causing the drop-down selections for the newly activated Zone and associated IP Addresses to not be automatically reloaded. Now the provisioning job runs in the foreground and the drop-downs will be reloaded with the web request and the drop-downs will automatically reload.


Type Description
Feature 3064 Managed Server ordering and cancellation have been moved to the server tab. To order managed services select the Cloudlet or BareMetal you would like to be Managed by NephoScale's cloud experts: 1) Select the server, 2) Click Managed Server | Order, 3) Select Managed Server Enhanced. To learn more about NephoScale's Managed Services click here:
Feature 3061 You can now activate a zone when creating a new Cloudlet or BareMetal on the New tab. In the Networking section click Activate Additional Zones and you can choose to create activate networking for your account in the target zone. The drop-down lists will refresh with the new networking options once the provisioning is completed. NephoScale currently supports two zones: San Jose (SJC-1) – West Coast U.S. or Richmond (RIC-1) – East Coast U.S.


Type Description
Feature 3054 Now there is a password reset feature on the login page if you should lose your NephoScale password. You can request an email with a token to reset your password by entering in your username or your email address or phone number.
Bug 3051 There was a CloudScript error for default networking when IP addresses were omitted that selected default IP addresses in SJC even when the RIC zone was specified in the network stanza. This issue is resolved.


Type Description
Feature 3024 Now you can share files in the ObjectStor by making a container public. This will allow unauthenticated access to the objects in the container. In addition, you can select to create a web index so that when you share a URL, users can see the list of files in a browser. To enable the make public and web index features first go to Storage | ObjectStor and select the Slice and Container in the explorer. Either right-click the Container or use the top level menu and select Properties.


Type Description
Feature 3027 The CS025 service type has been discontinued. Existing instances of this type will continue to operate; however, new instances of this type can no longer be provisioned.
Feature 2999 For an easy offsite backup solution, you can now synchronize data between two containers in the ObjectStor across NephoScale zones: San Jose - West Coast U.S. and Richmond - East Coast U.S. To enable container sync, create a slice and container for your source and destination in both zones. Go to the source container and right click then select Container Sync. The slice you selected will be listed in your source. Select you destination Zone, Slice, and Container and your data will be automatically synchronized. Note: that you can sync containers within the same zone as well.


Type Description
Feature 3019 The ObjectStor now supports Cloud Storage in RIC. Slices, containers and objects may now be created in both the NephoScale zones: San Jose - West Coast U.S. and Richmond - East Coast U.S.
Feature 3006 In the customer portal, there is now an Account | Marketplace where users can test drive the CloudScript library with 1-click installs. Note that all system and networking charges apply. To launch a template 1) Go to Account | Marketplace, 2) Select the template, 3) Click Launch, and 4) When the provisioning is completed there will be instructions on how to access your newly provisioned application.
Feature 3000 Now the ObjectStor Explorer in the customer portal has right-click menu items.
Bug 3010 In the portal now, dedicated server name and hostname are editable fields.


Type Description
Bug 2819 CloudScript was not waiting for a recipe to complete before display result template, or processing further dependencies. This is fixed and now a worker task could be run like the following where a server is created, a recipe is run, and the server is deleted once the recipe is completed.


Type Description
Bug 2958 There was an issue when creating a new Orchestration Project, this is resolved.
Bug 2932 When running a CloudScript template the Script Add task was failing, this is resolved.


Type Description
Feature 2993 NephoScale has a new DS48 Dedicated Server offering w/ 48 GB RAM, 12 Cores, 2 x Xeon E5-2640 @ 2.50GHz Processors, 1TB x 2 SATA (RAID-1), and 3000 GB Transfer all for 9.00/mo.
Feature 2931 NephoScale now supports American Express as a method of payment.
Feature 2878 Now when creating a new Cloud Server with a Windows OS, after the server is provisioned, the details on how to RDP to the server will show in the create tab.
Feature 1926 There is a new section in the customer portal Account | Payments that will show what payments have been received for an Invoice.


Type Description
Bug 2886 Now the NephoScale mailing address will show on printable invoices.


Type Description
Feature 2875 There is a new DS128 dedicated server type immediately available for provisioning with 128 GB RAM, 12 Cores, 1 TB Storage.
Feature 2737 Now when provisioning a Cloudlet with the Linux operating system with password based authentication, the details on how to SSH to the server are displayed on the create tab in the customer portal.
Feature 2836 Where there is a validation error on submitting the Server New form in the customer portal the browser will reposition to the error input field.
Feature 2832 On the detail view of the Account | Invoices interface in the customer portal, invoices can be printed directly from the browser or downloaded as a PDF file.
Bug 2861 When provisioning a Cloud Server with no public IP Address there was an API submission error in the customer portal. This is resolved.


Type Description
Feature 2839 Virginia Data Center is live.
Feature 2736 We improved the layout of the Cloud Server and Dedicated Server add forms so that the price caclulator will not overlap the forms.
Bug 2832 In the portal, after creating a new slice, it would appear twice in the display even though only a single slice was created. This is fixed.


Type Description
Feature 2732 There is a new CloudScript that will create a HAProxy and two Apache web servers configuration. This configuration requires three IP Addresses and three servers and it will show you how to easily setup a load balanced web application using NephoScale's CloudScript technology.
Bug 2821 The style that highlighted the row for the default User, Address, and Credit Card was not rendering. The default User, Address, and Credit Card are used by the automatic billing and payment engines. Now when you change the defaults, the new defaults are clear.
Bug 2820 The script type for Shell Script on the Orchestration | Scripts was not being show properly in the combobox when the view details of the script was opened.
Bug 2813 The recipe_timeout parameter for a /server/cloud create declaration was raising an error when the timeout value type was a string, for example recipe_timeout = '3600' would raise an error. Now the system accepts both recipe_timeout = 3600 and recipe_timeout = '3600'


Type Description
Feature 2780 NephoScale now offers Microsoft SQL Server licenses for the full 2005, 2008 and 2012 product lines including Web Edition, Workgroup Edition 1 Processor, Workgroup Edition 2 Processor, Standard Edition 1 Processor, and Standard Edition 2 Processor.
Bug 2777 When creating a new Cloudlet or Baremetal server on opening the tab an error message was showing in the portal 'ipaddress_list_unassigned' was not found. This is fixed.
Bug 2761 When there is an available contract in the system with a given service type e.g. CS2.2 when adding a new Cloudlet of the same service type CS2.2 the system will automatically select your billing method as Membership. There was a regression bug that resulted in creation of a new contract even though there was an existing contract available. This is fixed, and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue might have caused.


Type Description
Feature 2743 Now NephoScale Managed Services can be ordered in the customer portal at the Account | Managed Services interface.
Feature 2733 Now there are is a new tab in the customer portal where you can view your Physical Racks. A Physical Rack is a collection of single tenant privately owned assets including BareMetal Dedicated Servers and Cloudlet Virtual Server Nodes. Automated provisioning of a Physical Rack is not supported at this time. If you are interested in learning more about Physical Racks or would like to provision a Physical Rack please open a support ticket.
Bug 2754 When adding a New Cloud Server in the customer portal the status updates on the provisioning steps were not proceeding correctly in some cases, this is resolved.


Type Description
Feature 2698 Private routing can be now be enabled between multiple accounts. Please open a support request if you want to have private routing enabled between your NephoScale accounts.
Bug 2710 In the right hand job menu when single-clicking on a newly created SSH-RSA key pair the URI to the resource in the portal was the incorrect location.
Bug 2548 CloudScript was raising interpreter errors when encountering reserve words used as variables that contained 'cloudscript' or 'network'. This is now fixed.


Type Description
Bug 2701 Fixed an issue with the CloudScript interpreter that was preventing a /server/cloud create and /server/cloud delete in the same task. This useful for the case of an emphemeral worker server where you create a server, run a recipe to do some work, then delete the server once the recipe is completed.
Bug 2700 Fixed an issue in the customer portal when running an Orchestration project and the right hand task tray is docked prevented the Run action from submitting the CloudScript to the API.
Bug 2697 Fixed an issue in the customer portal for SSH-RSA key pairs auto-generated by the system display was not scrolling.


Type Description
Feature 2661 Now CloudScript v2 supports BareMetal dedicated servers to be incorporated into your orchestration workflows.
Bug 2666 Improved the feedback in the customer portal or creating a new Cloudlet and ObjectStor Slice.
Bug 2611 The More... button on the Jobs tab in the right-hand status dock was linking to an incorrect URL, this is corrected, and it will take you to your entire job history.


Type Description
Feature 2620 CloudScript now supports a 'create' verb that is a non-idempotent way to create resources. This is useful when you only want your CloudScript to create the resource only if it does not exist, and to raise an error if the resource you are creating already exists.
Feature 2612 CloudScript now supports creating the 'contract' resource type. This allows you to create contracts as part of your CloudScript.
Feature 2559 System messages in the GUI have been moved to the right-hand side dock along with Jobs. When there is a system message an icon will change color and the number will tell you the number of system messages that are waiting to be read.
Bug 2624 There were two regression bugs related to unresponsive GUI workflows after the cutover of Cloud Server to the CloudScript v2 specification that was affecting some customers. This is resolved.


Type Description
Feature 2615 Now there are is a new tab in the customer portal where you can view your Virtual Racks. A Virtual Rack is a collection of single tenant privately owned assets including BareMetal Dedicated Servers and Cloudlet Virtual Server Nodes. Automated provisioning of a Virtual Rack is not supported at this time. If you are interested in learning more about Virtual Racks or would like to provision a Virtual Rack please open a support ticket.
Feature 2583 Now you can provision BareMetal without disks or an image and Cloudlets without an image to provision ISO based server installs or disk-less BareMetal servers. There is no option yet to do Cloudlets with no disk.
Feature 2472 The audit trail in Orchestration | Job now retains the resource names for jobs on a resource even after the resource has been removed from the system, so that users can see who did what to which resource when.
Bug 2555 In the customer portal users were unable to delete an ObjectStor slice that had containers and objects. This has been fixed so that a slice that contains data can be deleted. All data is lost and cannot be recovered. There is a double confirmation asking if you are sure if you want to delete the slice with a given name.
Bug 2550 When posting to the /server/cloud/ API call a server_key_type parameter was required when server_key and console_key fields were being included in the post. In this case the type information is not needed because the keys are being specified, and the user is not asking the system to auto-generate the keys.
Bug 2543 There was a bug that was preventing Server | Keys from being deleted. This is now fixed.
Bug 2561 The API connectivity handling in the customer portal was adjusted to be more lenient when checking for a lost connection to the API (in the event of connection timeouts from the client), also the new code was not handling all the API error types properly and was masking important system and user errors.


Type Description
Feature 2510 Completely refactored the Storage | Explorer interface in the customer portal.
Feature 2498 CloudScript now supports a _latest constant for the version variable that informs the compiler to use the latest version of the CloudScript grammar.
Feature 2492 Upgraded ObjectStor Cloud Storage from the OpenStack Object Storage release from Cactus to Folsom. Many new features are supported via the upgrade system and REST API including: Object Expiration, Object Versioning, and Copy Object. To learn more about the release go to:
Bug 2477 In the customer portal when using the console feature if the window was resized or if there were scrollbars, scrolling or resize would cause a mouse synchronization issue. Now this is fixed.


Type Description
Feature 2471 Now we will show a list of resources, such as Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, and Storage Slices, that will be deleted in the confirmation dialog of a delete request in the customer portal, because these actions are not recoverable and any associated data will be lost.
Feature 2465 CloudScript now supports a Slice Delete operation.
Feature 2452 The focus handling for the console feature in the customer portal was completely refactored, and is much more responsive after the changes.
Feature 2408 CloudScript now supports Start/Stop/Restart on Cloud Servers.
Feature 2193 CloudScript now allows you to delete Cloud Servers instantiated in the same script. This feature is useful for using CloudScript for your data-driven workflows where you want to: create some infrastructure, process some delete, and delete the entire infrastructure all in your nightly batch processing or in response to other aspects of your business process automation.
Bug 2443 When there was a CloudScript compilation error the compiler was not releasing locked resources included in the transaction, and this caused the IP addresses to become unavailable.


Type Description
Feature 2418 The customer portal now handles network connectivity degradation to the API more gracefully.
Bug 2433 Non-server key types were showing in the Server | Keys grid list, now only server keys (password or SSHRSA) and console key types are showing.
Bug 2197 The nephoscale-admin CLI was not escaping stdout/stderr before submitting a callback to the API. Because the API will reject markup, and if there was an error in the recipe that caused markup to be included callback, the API request would fail, and the user would need to log on to the server and check the nephoscale-admin CLI logs to discover the error. Now the output of recipe is escaped before the callback to the API is made.
Bug 2082 Duplicate jobs were being created when running a CloudScript because more than one simultaneous job could invoke the state machine. A lock was put in place to prevent more than one job in a CloudScript from invoking the state machine simultaneously.


Type Description
Feature 2412 The authentication framework for ObjectStor cloud storage was optimized for better response times when first obtaining an authentication token and when making subsequent storage API requests.
Feature 2375 To improve response time in the customer portal, the AJAX data stores use the new fields= parameter on the REST API for limiting the response data to include only the fields that are necessary in the interface.


Type Description
Bug 1549 Keys interface was not paging correctly. This is resolved.


Type Description
Bug 2365 Customers were unable to create new contracts due to a javascript bug.
Feature 2363 Under some circumstances the loading mask never gets hidden after submitting reply to a support ticket.
Bug 2369 The /server/cloud/ and /server/dedicated/ API handlers were not properly accepting a comma delimited list of custom defined networks to associate with a new server.


Type Description
Feature 2342 Show price calculating mask on Server Add forms while the price is being determined for the service type and operating system.
Feature 2311 Infinite scrolling in the gui has been replaced with a paging interface. Instead of vertical scrollbars on grid lists in the portal, there is now a paging control at the bottom of the list to navigate through pages of data.
Bug 2338 When selecting custom networking such as no public interface when deploying cloud servers was resulting in a provisioning error, this is resolved.


Type Description
Feature 2263 New Elastic Networking features in the customer portal and API. You can now create servers with more flexible IP Address and Network Interface configurations. Public and private interfaces are now optional. Also, you can choose not to have an IP address bound to a public or private interface. Some uses cases for this would be if you want to make a private only Database server, or if you want to run a DHCP server. See our Elastic Networking presentation for more use cases:
Feature 2303 The Support Tickets has a new layout for entering in your ticket details.
Bug 2338 When selecting custom networking such as no public interface when deploying cloud servers was resulting in a provisioning error, this is resolved


Type Description
Feature 2265 Now the server name and hostname can be changed in the customer portal. Changing the server hostname only updates the asset data about the server, and it will not change the hostname on the server operating system itself.
Feature 2258 Now there is a Domains interface on the Network tab. Domains show different broadcast domains in your Elastic Network, and the interface shows the IP Address blocks that are routable for each domain.


Type Description
Feature 2225 Customers can now provision any custom bootable server image using any combination of file system, kernel and guest operating system that is compatible with the KVM hypervisor.
Feature 2233 There is a new interface in the customer portal for Orchestration | Jobs where you can see the entire job history for your account. Also, there is a User field now in the Job Manager in the right hand task tray, so that you can see which user initiated a job.
Bug 2251 When adding a new server in the customer portal users were unable to select a membership contract.
Bug 2189 When viewing the cloud server list there was a JavaScript loading issue that was causing some users to need to refresh their browser to view the cloud server grid list.


Type Description
Feature 2214 When the server is done provisioning on the New Cloud Server Add form there is a link to the details view of the newly provisioned server.
Feature 2168 Updated the Guides tab on the tech docs site:!/guide include many new articles, such as Getting Started and Authentication guides for Cloudlet Virtual Servers. BareMetal Dedicated Servers and ObjectStor Cloud Storage. In addition, ObjectStor Cloud Storage has a number of related guides on OpenStack Object Storage: Tools, Language Bindings, and Applications that are compatible with NephoScale's ObjectStor. Lastly, there is a guide on NephoScale billing and contracts.
Feature 1994 Added a new use case for business process automation, which outlines how we use CloudScript to deploy the NephoScale Tech Docs site:!/cloudscript/use_case_tech_docs


Type Description
Feature 2158 The customer portal now supports multiple Orchestration projects running in their own tab. When you select Orchestration | CloudScript | Project | Run a new tab will open that will keep track of your project as it is processed by the CloudScript Interpreter.
Feature 2150 The customer portal has a Balance Due field on the Account | Summary page.
Feature 2148 When running an orchestration project, we automatically expand the Job Manager so that you can see the status of your jobs that result from your CloudScript as they run to completion.
Feature 2141 For Server Add in the customer portal, we cleaned up the Orchestration section, so that you can optionally select one recipe to run as part of your server in order to simplify this workflow.
Feature 2110 Cloudlet Virtual Server | Add form now is redesigned for a smoother add process. When clicking on Server | Cloud | New a new tab will open with the form. Once you submit the form some lifecycle indicators will show you the status of your server as it is provisioned.
Feature 2105 Updated all the technical documentation for the NephOS API, ObjectStor API and CloudScript sections of the tech docs site.
Bug 2140 When deleting a Recipe in Orchestration | Project there was in invalid URL that was being fetched that did not exist causing an error.


Type Description
Feature 2132 Windows OS licenses for Cloudlet virtual servers have a new price of {body}.00 (free).
Feature 2109 There is a new CloudScript Template for phpBB forum software. To deploy the template select Orchestration | Project | Template and select the phpbb_single_stack template to create the Orchestation Project. Once it is created then click Run to execute the CloudScript. Upon completion follow the instructions in the result template to configure the phpBB site.
Feature 2071 Overhauled the CSS and iconography of the Customer Portal to match the new NephoScale brand.
Bug 2121 When creating a contract in the Job Manager the single-click to the created contract resource was an incorrect URL.


Type Description
Feature 1993 New tech docs site is located at
Feature 2069 A new CloudScript Template for SugarCRM is available, go to Orchestration | Project | New | Template to deploy.


Type Description
Feature 2050 In the customer portal now you can multi-select Storage Keys and delete them in a single operation.
Bug 2055 In CloudScript there was an unhandled error when specifying a dependency from a resource type of /server/cloud to any other resource type in the CloudScript. This is an important dependency when iterating over recipe development by deleting the server and putting the new script object in Cloud Storage before creating the Cloud Server.
Bug 2043 In CloudScript when there an unhandled exception occurred the locks for the instances namespace in the CloudScript was not being released. This resulted in conflicts on subsequent runs of the same CloudScript because the locks were not release. Many of the resource types on NephoScale require a unique name identifier, and so these names need to be locked for all provisioning requests.
Bug 2030 The CloudScript library function lib::random_password() was raising an unhandled exception.
Bug 2003 When single clicking a Storage Key in the Job Manager there was an error and you did not navigate to the key in the customer portal.


Type Description
Feature 1980 There is a new CloudScript Template for a single server installation of OpenVBX ( In the customer portal go to Orchestration | CloudScript | Project | Template and select openvbx_single_stack to create your OpenVBX project. Then select the newly created project and go to Project | Run.
Feature 1978 There is a new CloudScript Template for single server installation of the Drupal CMS. In the customer portal go to Orchestration | CloudScript | Project | Template and select drupal_single_stack to create your Drupal project. Then select the newly created project and go to Project | Run.
Feature 1958 Now on the Cloud and Dedicated Server grid lists and details view we are showing additional information including the service name (a unique name for your service instances) and the service type that describes the system and billing parameters of your service instances.
Bug 2007 In the customer portal there was an issue where you cannot change location back to currently active tab through main menu click after second changing location through Job Manager item click in the right hand navigation.
Bug 1995 The globals section of CloudScript was not accepting built-in functions such as lib::random_password()
Bug 1970 Newly created cloud servers were not able to establish VNC connections in the customer portal due to changes in websockets protocol. This issue is resolved.
Bug 1967 Debian Squeeze does not have pip installed and the nephoscale-admin cli was not running first boot init scripts. That issue has been resolved.
Bug 1964 CentOS 6.2 was not recognizing udev rules after an kernel upgrade. Now you can yum update and reboot successfully.
Bug 1963 When trying to reboot a server multiple times in the customer portal or using the API there was an incorrect message being displayed. Now message indicates there is already a server reboot in progress.


Type Description
Bug 1942 There was a JavaScript exception when using IE browser to view the contents of a Slice in the Cloud Storage Explorer.


Type Description
Feature 1993 The first set of NephoScale CloudScript Templates is available and includes a single server installation of WordPress (CS1), Joomla (CS1), and Cloudera Hadoop (CS2.1), and a master-agent installation of Puppet (2xCS1). To deploy the templates go to Orchestration | CloudScript | Project | Template and select the template you would like to use for your orchestration project. Once the project is created select your project and click Run.
Feature 1927 The output of the Orchestration result template is now formatted so that line breaks will show and is easier to read.
Feature 1920 Now when opening a file to edit in the Cloud Storage Explorer or CloudScript IDE the edit panel will auto-focus so that you do not need to click the panel first to edit the file.
Feature 1913 Now you can use the Ctrl+s keystroke to save your files when editing in the Cloud Storage Explorer or CloudScript IDE.
Feature 1903 There are now two CloudScript library functions, one is a random password generator function using the syntax password = lib::random_password(), and the other is a date function current_time = lib::now() that will output the current system time in the following format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS'.
Bug 1913 The CloudScript interpreter had a parse error when declaring explicit dependencies between servers, such as /server/cloud puppet_agent_server => [puppet_master_server] read_or_create
Bug 1910 The default Orchestration Project which is for an Apache web server was not associating the Recipe to the Project.


Type Description
Feature 1894 CloudScript now supports a 'delete' verb in the resource-command tuple so that you can have a corresponding CloudScript to delete application environments that you create.
Bug 1880 The CloudScript interpreter is now displaying a graceful error message for invalid dependency trees.
Bug 1879 A Cloud Server type like 'CS05' was not resolving properly in the CloudScript interpreter.
Bug 1869 An invalid reference in the result template was causing a CloudScript interpreter error. Now there is a graceful error message.


Type Description
Feature 1877 Now the URLs in the customer portal for the CloudScript IDE work like the Cloud Storage Explorer and show the entire path to a resource when browsing making it easier to come back to the location.
Feature 1873 Orchestration Recipes may now be added and removed to a Project.
Feature 1847 CloudScript now supports omitting the password field when creating keys. The system will autogenerate the password in this case.
Bug 1878 When CloudScript encountered an Internal Error, not all the locks associated to the runtime state machine were being release properly. Now when there is an error, all the associated locks will be released.
Bug 1844 When submitting a CloudScript that contained more servers than is allowed for the current account quota, and Internal Error code was being returned. Now the error message describes how the issue can be resolved.
Bug 1843 When submitting a CloudScript with multiple servers using default IP address creation the resources were not locked properly and caused one or more servers to come up without IP Addresses being assigned correctly. Now all default IP address creation is locking the resources in the appropriate location.
Bug 1808 If the Cloud Storage Slice that was referenced by Orchestration Scripts or Projects was deleted, then when deleting the Project or Script resource, the remove job would fail. Now the job will complete successfully even if the underlying Cloud Storage Slice was deleted.
Bug 1842 When two variable names in different code segments of CloudScript shared the same name an internal error was occurring. Now the CloudScript Interpreter will raise a human readable error for this condition.


Type Description
Feature 1850 Show the name of Orchestration resources that have been deleted in the Job Manager.
Feature 1823 Secondary IP Address can now be deleted in the GUI when they are no longer in use.
Bug 1846 Allow only one CloudScript to be associated to an Orchestration Project.
Bug 1841 When creating an Orchestration Script allow user to specify the Cloud Storage file name and the Script Type, e.g. Shell Script, CloudScript, or Result Template.
Bug 1835 Display the appropriate error message when trying to delete the default credit card for the Account. There must always be one valid credit card on file.
Bug 1856 When creating multiple Orchestration Recipes the second time the create form fields have not been reset.
Bug 1855 When creating multiple Orchestration Scripts the second time the create form fields have not been reset.
Bug 1854 When creating a new Orchestration Project Script unable to edit it first time.
Bug 1838 Orchestration Callbacks which contain the standard output of the Scripts run as part of Recipes on Server create now display properly in the GUI.


Type Description
Feature 1778 In the customer portal, there is a new Network tab with an IP Addresses list interface showing which IPv4 addresses are included in the primary or any secondary address blocks.
Bug 1711 Released updated patched kernel to address stability for pv ticket spinlock issue and 208.5 day bug (clock scheduling overflow)


Type Description
Feature 1672 New set of Cloud Server configuration options.
Feature 1670 Lowered pricing for Cloud Servers, Cloud Storage, and Transfer. New pricing takes effect immediately and existing membership rates will realize pricing benefits.
Feature 1694 On the Orchestration | Callback tab the output of your Scripts run as part of your configuration management Recipe will now display the standard output of each Script. Because output from the configuration management run as part of a CloudScript can be piped back into the CloudScript Interpreter for further Server configurations, this interface is useful for debugging the output received while configuring your server by running your Scripts and Recipes.
Bug 1642 Console terminal display issues caused by compression library incompatibilities are resolved.


Type Description
Bug 1646 In the customer portal on the Orchestration tab for Scripts and Recipes now you can multi-select scripts and recipes and delete all.
Bug 1637 After removing a Slice in Cloud Storage any Scripts and Recipes associating to the deleted Objects would fail to be deleted.
Bug 1632 The result template for an Orchestration project was being displayed before the entire CloudScript transaction was completed.
Bug 1525 Fixed the navigation in the portal so that browser back and forward buttons are working properly.
Feature 1616 Cloud Storage Explorer and Orchestration Project Scripts will now display syntax highlighting for many common programming languages.


Type Description
Feature 1411 When running a CloudScript project, now the result template will display once the execution is completed.
Feature 1497 Line numbers are now showing when opening a file in the CloudScript IDE.
Feature 1478 Cloud Storage now supports a second delimiter when specifying you username, both : and + are support because some clients utilize ":" for connection URIs.
Feature 1533 Now a Cloud Storage Slice that has Containers or Objects can be deleted. All data Objects in all Containers will be permanently deleted when you delete the Slice.
Bug 1581 API requests with malformed URIs (including URIs missing a trailing slash) will return standard NephoScale application/json content-type response with a 404 HTTP status. Similarly, internal errors will also return standard NephoScale application/json content-type response with a 500 HTTP status.


Type Description
Feature 1523 Job Manager is now toggled off by default when you login to the customer portal. Click the arrow in the task tray located at the far right of the portal to toggle the Job Manager display to on, and see the status of any recent jobs you have in progress.
Feature 1492 Job Manager now has a single click that will navigate you to the resource that was created by the job in the customer portal. This only applies to certain types of jobs that create or update a resource.
Feature 1536 Handle maintenance more gracefully in the customer portal. Display a maintenance warning in the portal when API is returning an HTTP status code of 503. Also, set the headers of the Maintenance page to instruct browsers to not cache the maintenance page.
Bug 1517 API was experiencing latency due to an inefficient code path on operations such as Server Add or Server Power. The code path was optimized, and now the GUI should be more responsive.
Bug 1532 Increase the AJAX timeout in customer portal to that forms will not hang for long running requests. This is related to the API latency issue, where forms would not close because the AJAX request would timeout, and the form would never close.
Bug 1422 Cloud Server Add form was nested in a panel and was clipped on displays with a smaller resolution. We changed this to be a model form for now. We'll be redesign the server add form in a future release.


Type Description
Feature 1470 Task Bar and Job Manager - In the customer portal there is new right hand UI element that is a Task Bar for event based feedback in the customer portal. The first icon in the Task Tray is the Job Manager, and it will give feedback on the status of recent jobs customers have submitted such as Server Add.
Feature 1472 Browser will remember your last location in the customer portal.


Type Description
Feature 1447 Updated windows 2003 and 2008 single processor licensing {body}.05/hr (utility) or 34.99/mo (durable)


Type Description
Feature 1447 New Pop-Up Message format in the GUI drops messages from the top center region making existing pop-up notifications more noticeable by customers.
Bug 1424 Resolved issues with the in-browser VNC console failing to load on latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Now supports the latest version of the websocket protocol.
Bug 1218 When a payment is successfully retried, the payment date will now be filled in on the invoices grid.


Type Description
Bug 1378 Java Exception when attempting to view dedicated server details
Bug 1358 Update to Redhat sources repository as sources contain the $ character
Bugs 1357 Phone field on Sign up page not wrapping on Windows platform with IE, Firefox, Chrome
Bug 1371 Resolved issue with the resource locking mechanism allowing duplicate resources (network bridge) to be created on a single physical cloud node
Bug 1354 Resolved issue where a small number of accounts had duplicate cidr_index


Type Description
Feature 1188 The nephoscale-admin CLI (Linux only) will now do more granular callbacks to the NephOS API. For each script, it will marshal the output into JSON format and make a callback for each recipe on the first boot initialization. Also, it will make server callbacks at the beginning and end of the initialization to report the state. Recipes can be run after first boot.
Feature 1193 Now mirrors in the NephoScale platform for yum repositories and apt sources are updated in Linux images as the default sources, and package download speeds are substantially increased.
Feature 1275 All resource names need to be unique. They may include lower case alpha-numeric characters and the following special characters "_-". This change is in preparation for the upcoming release of CloudScript V2 where your resources need to have unique identifiers for your account namespace.
Bug 1340 Allow customers to remove servers created with no IPs - API handler refuses/excepts
Bug 1325 Remove udev lockdown from Centos as well as Debian/Ubuntu images
Bug 1310 Perform immediate cleanup of stale LVMs on Nodes and removal of any LVM Locks Preventing Adds Now
Bugs 1215 Server hostname field minimum length is now set to 1 character. The previous minimum length was 4 and prevented input of legitimate hostnames.


Type Description
Feature New Debian 6.0.3 – 64-bit base image
Feature Updated Debian 5.0.9 – 32-bit image
Feature Updated Debian 5.0.9 – 64-bit image
Feature Updated Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – 32-bit image
Feature Updated Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – 64-bit image
Feature Updated CentOS 5.7 – 32-bit image
Feature Updated CentOS 5.7 – 64-bit image


Type Description
Feature 1186 In the support tickets tab there is a selector to filter tickets based on the status: New, Open, On-Hold, or Closed.
Bug 1169 The validation on the URL field for specifying the location of a script has been fixed.
Bug 1164 Author display in the ticket comments section has been fixed to always show the author and the time stamp.


Type Description
Feature 1158 Merged the Storage Slice interface into the Storage Explorer. Now you can use the Storage Explorer to manage all the components of your Cloud Storage.
Feature 1154 Moved the enable/disable Console feature on the Server Details view into the toolbar. There are two different icons depend the state On/Off. In the console enabled field display the text True/False.


Type Description
Feature 1113 Improved the Orchestration Tab on Cloud Server Add workflow. Now you can select and order your sequential list of recipes to run on the left hand list box, by checking the recipe and using the up and down arrows to arrange them. When you select a recipe, the list of scripts that comprise that recipe are listed in the left hand list box. You can move your mouse to hover over the script and see a snippet if it is a known script type.
Feature 1112 Now in the Cloud Storage Explorer you can create your scripts and recipes by choosing Object -> Create the select the file and choose Object -> Modify to edit your file, then choose Object -> Make Recipe to package up your script into a recipe. Now when you go to the Server Add workflow, your recipe is available to run on first boot initialization of your server.
Bug 1114 Toggling back and for between Server and Orchestration tab on Server Add workflow displayed validation errors incorrectly.
Bug 1132 Server Key hyperlink on Server Details view was not navigating correctly to the Key view.
Bug 1107 Now you can sort Tickets in ticket list on ticket title.
Bug 1098 CSS layout problem when replying to a ticket is fixed.
Bug 1039 Text in ticket comments now will word wrap to a new line.


Type Description
Feature 1042 Cloud Storage Explorer now contains the ability to open a text file in an editor. This is useful for changing configuration files for automated infrastructure provisioning without having to download the file, edit and reload the file.
Feature 1060 Cloud storage upgrade recently allowed objects with a size of > 5GB to be uploaded. The mechanism to allow this is a manifest object and a number of decomposed segmented objects. Now the Cloud Storage Explorer will show a manifest object and an accompanying container which holds the segmented objects.
Feature 924 The set of server contracts are optimized across set of server instances for the billing period and take into account server instances of the contract type that have been deleted and added multiple times in the period.
Bug 1103 The self updating install for the nephoscale-admin CLI on Debian images will now load the latest version of the CLI.
Bug 1092 Encoded characters sent in emails is resolved.
Bug 1068 CSS on Cloud Storage Explorer file upload form cause the form to layout incorrectly is now fixed.
Bug 1069 URL direct link into the customer portal to the Cloud Storage Explorer with case-sensitive names will now resolve properly.


Type Description
Feature 853 Cloud Storage Explorer is now available in the “File Manager” section of the Storage tab. With this new feature, you can create and delete containers (folders). You can also upload and download objects (files) to and from NephoScale Cloud Storage.
Feature 1058 Added a new dedicated server profile, the DS-144 which is similar to the DS-24 except that it has 144GB of RAM. Perfect as a high density memcache server.
Feature 987 Upgrade Cloud Storage SWIFT Backend from 1.1.0 to 1.3.0. This release includes numerous bug fixes and efficiency enhancements to the underlying storage system. Most importantly, this release allows us to support 'manifest' files which can be used to fuse together smaller files to create files of potentially unlimited size. The resulting manifest file appears like a normal file in the storage system and can downloaded or streamed like any other file. Previously, object size was limited to <5GB.
Feature 1022 Cloud Storage Authorization Token Service to allow temporary tokens to be generated that grant access to specific slices for a specified period of time to applications without revealing the customer assigned plaintext password associated with a slice. Also, since the Cloud Storage Explorer uses this new service, customers no longer need to create and attach a key to a slice before they can successfully access it using the Cloud Storage Explorer. Instead, a temporary token is generated on their behalf they can use to browse the slice.
Bug 1057 Allow tickets and notifications to accept non-ascii characters. This allows cut-and-paste to work with Notification and Ticket input interfaces for both customers and staff-members.


Type Description
Bug 720 Invoice line items that are for secondary IP address subnets will show the correct quantity in the invoice for the number of IP addresses being charged.
Bug 773 Prorated durable services such as Dedicated Servers, Software Licenses (if applicable) and Secondary IP Address Subnets now are prorated at the time of purchase. Proration will be applied retroactively to services that were not prorated due to outstanding issue.
Bug 949 Invoices for free contracts that result in an invoice with a {body} total will be marked as status Free instead of status New to clearly show that the invoice will never be sent to the payment collection system.


Type Description
Feature 995 Cloud Server outbound transfer pricing reduced from $.20/GB to $.13/GB
Feature 995 Cloud Storage outbound transfer pricing reduced from $.20/GB to $.13/GB


Type Description
Feature 944 API now returning HTTP 404 Not Found instead of HTTP 401 Unauthorized for resources that are not able to be found.
Feature 941 Free contracts new allotments - free cloud server transfer to 50 GB inbound and 50 GB outbound - free cloud storage 5 GB of data stored and transfer to 10 GB inbound and 10 GB outbound.
Bug 897 New UI design for Dedicated Server Add form.
Bug 988 Provide a nephoscale-admin hotfix to install ethtool and disable TCP offloading, to alleviate an issue discovered with the E1000 driver while we create the necessary virtualization layer patch.
Bug 989 Patch the virtualization platform to fix the TSO/TCP offloading issue at the driver level.
Bug 924 Resolved issue where Safari browsers experience problem with double-click, for example, double-click a row in the grid and it is not launching the tab.
Bug 945 Resolved issue where loading mask is not appearing during a ticket reload.


Type Description
Bug 892 Resolved cloud storage statistics displaying incorrectly in customer portal.
Bug 909 Resolved issue when a customer is viewing a ticket, the Common Information and Original Message sections are not populated with data.
Bug 921 Resolved issue where all billable items show a non-inclusive date and time going forward, something like 2010-10-27 23:59:59, and now customer invoice line items will show not only the data but also the time.
Bug 911 When selecting a private IP address when creating a new cloud server, the next available is always being submitted.
Bug 873 Resolved issue where users were unable to submit a URL in a support ticket.


Type Description
Feature 884 Portal login page redesigned and cleaned up to reflect our continued emphasis towards a better user experience.
Feature 836 The Cloud Server New form is completely redesigned to streamline the Server creation process by providing most of the default information, and clearly indicating what the user is responsible for entering into the form. Also, there is informative help text about the purpose of each section of the form.
Feature 379 Servers now linked with Server Key in the portal. On the Dedicated and Cloud server details, there is a link to the key with which the server was created. This is for informational purposes only at this time. The server key was the key set at the time of provisioning, but could have subsequently been changed in the Server.
Feature 862 Now every page in resource in the Ajax based portal has a URL. Standard browser behavior, including Back, Forward and Refresh buttons will work, and frequently used URLs can be bookmarked and links can be shared.
Bug 858 Resolved issue with associating Slices to a key in the Slice Keys interface.
Bug 881 Resolved issue with adding a Server Contract through the Contract section of that Accounts tab.
Bug 886 Resolved issue where Dedicated Server power status does not get set when there is a power status request on the server.


Type Description
Feature 819 NephoScale CLI Administration Utility (Linux Only) - an interactive shell that will help customers administrate their servers is now available in Linux images.
Bug 812 Column headers in list views that do not sort are not selectable.
Bug 811 Removed column resize selector in add server form.
Bug 810 Contract for free cloud server instance that was added and deleted several times was only being applied once per billing period is now resolved.


Type Description
Feature N Windows Server 2003 Enterprise – 64-bit base image
Feature 805 NephoScale CLI Administration Utility (Linux Only) - an interactive shell that will help customers administrate their servers. Note: will be available when the images are next deployed to the image repository.
Feature 808 In the customer portal login page there is "Customer Support" link to the landing page for the support KB.
Feature 791 Display date range for invoice line items and group invoice line items by time period.


Type Description
Feature 540 Server Contracts - can be viewed in the customer portal GUI. New server Memberships and Prepays annual contracts can be created from this interface. The GUI indicates whether or not your server contract is currently applied (must have a server instance of the appropriate type provisioned for contract to be applied).
Feature 553 The REST API will return the HTTP response code and any error subcode in the JSON response for convenience to access the information without processing the header, or if the HTTP header does not exist when it reaches the client.
Feature 727 In the Invoice details view the Bill To column is renamed to Invoice Date, and there is a new column for Payment Date to indicate the time when the final payment for the invoice was processed.
Bug 767 SSH fingerprints on Ubuntu are servers are distinct.
Bug 761 Submitting more than one Power operation for a server, such as Start, Stop, and Restart is not allowed. The system will not allow users to submit a new power cycling request if there is already and outstanding request that is not done at the time of the request.


Type Description
Feature 674 Customers will receive a single email notification when they are generated more than one invoice on a single calendar day.
Feature 669 Server name description in the Add Cloud or Add Dedicated server interfaces will now display the system specification, including RAM, \#Cores, and Storage.
Feature 659 Improved messaging for when quota allotments for provisioning new services are reached.
Bug 665 GUI session timeout will redirect user to logout page.
Bug 581 Fixed issue with incorrect quota allotment calculations for provisioning new services.


Type Description
Feature 586 Customer portal rework project completed. All views have been redesigned from modal view to tabbed view.


Type Description
Feature 594 Account user view redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Feature 605 Account address view redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Feature 595 Verbiage on ecommerce signup application instructs customers to use a direct phone line to receive an automated callback.
Feature 517 Dedicated Servers are invoiced on the next calendar day after they are deployed and prorated from the time of provisioning.
Bug 603 CentOS images can deploy with IP address from secondary CIDR.
Bug 593 Network bridges will not get removed when deleting a cloud server.


Type Description
Feature 498 Implemented highly available and redundant network paths from customer servers through access, distribution, core, and border layers.


Type Description
Feature 525 Allow users to select time zone within customer portal.
Feature 519 Support notification view redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Feature 476 Server keys view redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Feature 475 Dedicated server view redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Feature 474 Cloud server view redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Feature 388 Server delete now gives immediate feedback with removal of server entry from GUI.
Bug 389 API URL /server/dedicated now returns memory field and can now be displayed in the GUI.
Bug 378 API URL /server/dedicated & /server/cloud now return “friendly_name” fields.


Type Description
Feature 525 Allow users to select time zone within customer portal.
Feature 518 Cloud storage UI redesign from modal view to tabbed view.
Bug 526 Combo box drop down offset issue resolved for Chrome and Safari.


Type Description
Feature 473 Slice billing metrics are now enabled for Object-Based Cloud Storage.
Feature 360 Slice usage will now be invoiced in Object-Based Cloud Storage.
Feature 358 Ability to remove slices and change your key password in Object-Based Cloud Storage.
Bug 469 SSLCertificateChainFile is added to Apache conf for .
Bug 466 Slice description will be set on slice creation.
Bug 467 Slice provisioning message will show on slice creation and will poll for slice to appear.


Type Description
Bug 450 Ticket grid configurable refresh. In the left hand side of the ticket grid not there is an alarm clock and you can set the update interval to 1 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or disable updates.
Bug 464 Prevent customers from entering in special characters into server hostname field. Primarily, it only allows alpha-numeric and a '-' characters, but there are a few other ordering rules according to an RFC for hostname standards.


Type Description
Feature 351 Ticket details interface enhanced with better support for comment formatting and presentation of ticket details.
Feature 352 View support ticket details now opens in a tab instead of a modal form, enabling natural work-flow between ticket list and ticket details.
Feature 419 A new grid widget in support ticket list that removes the need for paging, and will auto-load tickets as you scroll.
Feature 443 Improvement to the left hand navigation so that elements in the accordion widget that are not selected will not move to the bottom of the page.


Type Description
Feature 380 Both Cloud Servers and Dedicated Server can be combined in a CloudScript post. The Cloud Servers part of the CloudScript will be provisioned immediately, whilst the Dedicated Server part of the CloudScript will go into the Sales Order queue, and will be provisioned when a staff person approves the order.
Bug 296 Sales Orders for dedicated servers will generate an invoice for the prorated amount from when the server was provisioned to the end of the billing period based on the customer's anniversary date. These invoices will occur on whichever semi-monthly or monthly billing date is reached first.
Bug 385 The interaction bugs to hide SSHRSA keys radio checkbox for Windows images in the add server form are resolved.


Type Description
Feature 266 Server details form can be seen by double-clicking on a row in a server grid or by selecting a server in the grid and clicking on the view button.
Feature 350 Show the person that adds a comment to a ticket in the ticket details form.
Bug 368 Add cloud server form loads plain text keys which is the default choice instead of SSH-RSA keys. Add dedicated server form loads plain text keys which is the default choice instead of both types of keys.


Type Description
Feature Added the following OS Images: CentOS 5.5 (32-bit), CentOS 5.5 (64-bit), Debian 5.0.5 (32-bit), and Debian 5.0.5 (64-bit)


Type Description
Feature Added the following OS Images: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (32-bit), and Ubunut 10.04 LTS (64-bit)
Bug 297 Password validation accepts special characters including "!" and "." where the error message gives details about the list of acceptable characters.
Bug 331 Customer backend (private) VLANs will be isolated from other customer traffic on a per VLAN basis.


Type Description
Feature 298 Login to a Linux server with a root password now. (Prior to this release, only SSH keys were supported). Additionally, there is a new interface for viewing and adding SSH keys.
Bug 297 Creating an SSH RSA now supports email field or username in the key.
Bug 297 Creating an SSH RSA key using 4096 bit encryption is now supported.


Type Description
Feature 296 The billing engine was experiencing an issue around generating the initial invoice from a sales order for a dedicated server. We redeployed the engine to process recurring invoices. That means that all customers will start receiving their semi-monthly invoices for utilization of cloud servers, and they will receive monthly invoices for their recurring dedicated servers.
Bug 293 Windows NTFS resize issue - customers experience a root partition size of about 15GB when instantiating a Windows server for all instance size selections. The fix for this issue will create the appropriate size disk for the instance size selection in the customer portal.