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Introduction to CloudScript


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is an operational model in which an organization partners with a cloud services provider, such as NephoScale, to maintain their infrastructure components, including storage, servers and networking on a cloud computing platform, such as the NephOS platform. In this operational model most services are charged as utilities on a pay per use basis. Learn more about NephoScale billing.

Programmable Infrastructure

Infrastructure needs to be cost-effective, efficient, and repeatable in order to help organizations with their operational goals for the hypercompetitive era. Traditionally, system and network administrators and engineers have developed custom tools to allow them to manage their systems and networks. The reasons are two-fold, automation of common administrative tasks is imperative to efficiency, and largely because many systems and network device providers did not support APIs to access their devices in a programmable way control of these systems needed to be scripted.

Recently, the emergence of more integrated system and development teams have given rise to a culture of Developer Operations (DevOps). In this model systems engineers and software developers work in a more collabrative and coordinated way, and technical users from a variety of backgrounds need a simple and standard way to build, deploy and manage their infrastructure. Whether you are responsible for a high traffic social web application, or you need a repeatable build system for your Agile software development life-cycle - the end goal of programmable infrastructure is the same.

Introducing CloudScript

The goal to achieve cost-effective, efficient, and repeatable infrastructure, that can be easily managed by a variety of administrators and engineers, requires a simple uniform interface. To meet this need we are proud to introduce CloudScript, a powerful new paradigm for advanced programmable control of your infrastructure on the NephOS cloud computing platform.

Intro CloudScript ScreenShot